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Rev David

Rev_David_Miller.mp3 0.903.03.08 00:26:46
Glory.mp3 7.402.04.17 03:00:32Rev. David PriorKeep God's Glory Uppermost
Power.mp3 6.803.07.25 19:21:22Rev. David WilkersonClaiming the Power that is in20030:14:14 64M22
SID1745.mp3 6.503.07.25 01:54:11Rev. David WilkersonGod Is Doing a New Thing in Hi20030:13:38 64M22
SID1900.mp3 20:14:19Rev. David WilkersonChrist and His Harlot Church20030:12:34 64M22
SID1355.mp3 6.803.06.26 03:13:14Rev. David WilkersonClaiming the Power that is in20030:14:14 64M22
SID1437.mp3 6.803.07.03 04:00:00Rev. David WilkersonClaiming the Power that is in20030:14:14 64M22
Prior.mp3 7.402.04.30 00:28:16Rev. David PriorKeep Serving in Your Gifting
SID1802.mp3 7.503.08.13 06:23:11Rev. David WilkersonA Warning to an Evil Generatio20030:15:41 64M22
SID1140.mp3 6.803.06.19 21:04:52Rev. David WilkeronWho Shall Prolong His Days?20030:14:21 64M22
2003_03_16pm.mp3 3.903.06.22 17:29:19Rev. David ParkerWhat God requires of Church an2003St Vincent Street Vacancy0:29:22 18M11
2003_03_16am.mp3 2.803.06.22 19:27:24Rev. David ParkerThe challenge of Abraham's fai2003St Vincent Street Vacancy0:21:19 18M11
2003-01-12.mp311.203.02.18 08:31:14Rev. David SteinhartPsalm 20:23:27 64S22
SID1901.mp3 6.603.08.20 20:17:05Rev. David WilkersonThe Redemptive Judgements of G20030:13:54 64M22
SID1043.mp3 5.703.06.15 22:23:15Rev. David WilkersonSatan's Final War Plan Exposed20030:11:57 64M22
2002_09_15pm.mp3 21:25:42Rev. David RobertsonServing God2002St Vincent Street VacancyRomans 150:37:33 18M11
2002_04_07am.mp3 3.603.05.03 04:11:14Rev. David Parker2002_04_07am2002St Vincent Street VacancyMatthew 50:27:09 18M11
2002_04_07pm.mp3 3.703.05.03 03:53:11Rev. David Parker2002_04_07pm2002St Vincent Street VacancyMatthew 50:28:07 18M11
2002_09_15am.mp3 19:44:23Rev. David RobertsonLeave Me Alone2002St Vincent Street VacancyJob 6 & 70:37:33 18M11
2002_02_24am.mp3 01:13:50Rev. David MeredithAnointed, Sealed & Guaranteed2002St. Vincent Street Vacancy0:29:52 18S11
SID1687.mp3 6.303.07.19 18:28:36Rev. David WilkersonEvery Believer Is Called to th20030:13:19 64M22
SID3245.mp3 9.304.01.21 00:31:55Rev. David WilkersonThe Gospel Of Jesus Christ20040:19:26 64M22
Rev_David_Miller.mp3 0.903.03.08 00:26:46
040307-1_DW.mp3 14:45:51Rev. David WilkersonThe Cry Of Sodom And Gomorrah0:19:06 64M22
030126a_vandrunen.mp3 5.803.06.23 18:32:08Rev. David VanDrunen, Ph.D.1 Samuel 16:14-232003Escondido OPC, Morning 01/26/200Copyright (c) 2003, all rights r0:43:05 18M11
030309a_vandrunen.mp3 7.803.06.23 22:42:32Rev. David VanDrunen, Ph.D.1 Samuel 172003Escondido OPC, Morning 03/09/200Copyright (c) 2003, all rights r0:57:54 18M11
030608a_vandrunen.mp3 6.603.06.23 18:42:35Rev. David VanDrunen, Ph.D.1 Samuel 18:17-302003Escondido OPC, Morning 06/08/200Copyright (c) 2003, all rights r0:37:08 24S22
030413a_vandrunen.mp3 22:45:02Rev. David VanDrunen, Ph.D.1 Samuel 18:1-162003Escondido OPC, Morning 04/13/200Copyright (c) 2003, all rights r0:52:22 18M11
SID2769.mp3 5.803.10.28 16:01:47Rev. David WilkersonLet Him That Thinks He Stands20030:12:08 64M22
SID2440.mp3 6.703.09.24 21:54:48Rev. David WilkersonChrist-The Searcher of Mens He20030:14:02 64M22
SID2795.mp3 6.703.10.29 00:47:42Rev. David WilkersonChrist-The Searcher of Mens He20030:14:02 64M22
Yc2003a.mp3 6.803.07.22 17:37:02Rev. David MeredithPreparation for the Work20032003 Youth Conference0:50:26 18S11
2001_12_02am.mp3 10:53:34Rev. David WilkieThe Christian's future prospecSt Vincent Street Vacancy0:29:51 18M11
Yc2003c.mp3 18:05:16Rev. David MeredithThe Bible in the Christian Exp20032003 Youth Conference0:50:13
Yc2003b.mp3 5.703.07.21 23:37:45Rev. David MeredithWorking together20032003 Youth Conference0:42:48 18S11
2001_12_02pm.mp3 5.703.05.26 10:31:49Rev. David WilkieThe death of an evil King (MatSt Vincent Street Vacancy0:42:41 18M11
The_Synod_of_Dort_David_Mook.mp3 5.403.09.29 16:38:51Rev. David MookThe Synod of Dort20022002
040425-1_DW.mp3 8.704.04.29 15:27:38Rev. David WilkersonEver-Present Help In The Time0:18:18 64M22
040509-3_DW.mp310.404.05.14 13:23:47Rev. David WilkersonA Greater Than Solomon Is Here0:21:51 64M22
040502-1_DW.mp3 15:02:13Rev. David WilkersonObligating Faith0:19:05 64M22
Gf08022004am.mp3 3.904.02.22 22:09:46Rev David MacPhersongf08022004am
DavidStrain_2cor_3,7-18_26Oct03pm.mp37.403.12.01 16:52:29Rev. David Strain2 Cor 3:7-1826 October 20031:17:57 64S22
The_Dutch_Reformation_by_David_Mook. 4.703.09.24 09:28:18Rev. David MookThe Dutch Reformation20022002
01-DNC.Convention-Rev.David.Alston.m 0.604.07.27 23:58:54Rev David AlstonSpeech before the Democratic C2004DNC ConventionRemastered by
108-DNC.Convention-Rev.David.Alston. 0.604.07.30 02:44:12Rev David AlstonSpeech before the Democratic C2004DNC Convention - Day OneRemastered by
Sermon_040711.mp3 01:26:50Rev. David KileGood Neighbors2004/0Seattle First Baptist Church0:13:27 32M22
Rev Rueb.mp3 21:12:18Rev. David Rueb0:53:05 18M11
7-18-04.mp314.704.07.18 14:35:26Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w $ 02004ev.David Sims $ 0004 avid Sims
Sermon_040829.mp3 04:21:00Rev. David KilePrayer as Sabbath2004/0Seattle First Baptist Church0:16:50 32M22
7-25-04_1030.mp317.104.07.25 16:33:50Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w :2004ev.David Sims :004 avid Sims
Chapter 6 (07-14-04).mp310.404.07.15 22:50:32Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w W\ 22004ev.David Sims W\ 2004 avid Sims0:28:57 48S32
8-29-04.mp316.004.08.29 16:13:26Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w 02004ev.David Sims 0004 avid Sims
8-8-04_1030.mp316.704.08.12 23:24:26Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w (& 82004ev.David Sims (& 8004 avid Sims
Gf25072004pm.mp3 4.304.08.14 14:14:50Rev David Neilsongf25072004pmMedia Center
6-13-04_1030.mp313.704.06.13 20:08:16Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w (& :2004ev.David Sims (& :004 avid Sims
040822-S1-DWI.mp3 8.804.08.27 20:42:06Rev. David WilkersonThe Pursuit Of The Righteous08-22-040:18:27 64M22
8-15-04_1030.mp313.604.08.15 16:26:38Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w (& :2004ev.David Sims (& :004 avid Sims
Chapter 9b (08-11-04).mp323.204.08.12 23:19:04Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w (& 22004ev.David Sims (& 2004 avid Sims0:16:08192M44
8-22-04_1030.mp313.404.08.22 21:10:59Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w :2004ev.David Sims :004 avid Sims
Chapter 3 (6-16-04).mp3 9.704.06.16 23:37:36Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w 8L 02004ev.David Sims 8L 0004 avid Sims
Chapter 4 (6-23-04).mp310.904.06.23 23:48:54Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w 02004ev.David Sims 0004 avid Sims0:18:14 80M44
08-18-04.mp311.104.08.22 23:30:10Rev.David SimsI w# w+ w 22004ev.David Sims 2004 avid Sims
Sermon_040829.mp3 04:21:00Rev. David KilePrayer as Sabbath2004/0Seattle First Baptist Church0:16:50 32M22
040926-S1-DWI.mp3 9.304.10.01 17:38:34Rev. David WilkersonGuarding The Sheep09-26-040:19:34 64M22
040919-S1-DWI.mp311.304.09.24 19:54:35Rev. David WilkersonHoly Spirit - Come Back To You09-19-040:23:41 64M22
Chapter 1(6-2-04).mp313.404.06.03 01:34:59Rev. David Sims2004Richland Creek Community Church0:27:59 64S44
Chapter 11a (8-25-04).mp311.904.08.26 00:00:14Rev.David Sims2004
Chapter 9 (08-04-2004).mp310.504.08.05 23:17:56Rev.David Sims20040:14:40 96M44
Chapter 5 (6-30-04).mp312.104.07.01 00:00:02Rev.David Sims2004
Chapter 7 (7-21-04).mp314.204.07.23 00:16:26Rev.David Sims2004
Chapter 8 (07-28-04).mp312.404.07.29 23:14:04Rev.David Sims2004

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