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Rev Garnett

Roots & Wings.mp331.704.03.25 19:52:38Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01Roots & Wings0:33:04128S44
Purpose In Gods Chastisement.mp344.804.03.25 17:26:48Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01Purpose in God's Chastisement0:46:45128S44
Image Is Everything - Track 1.mp326.103.07.22 16:45:56Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Image is Everything0:27:15128S44
The Subtle Hand Of God.mp321.204.03.24 21:28:02Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1The Subtle Hand of God0:22:07128S44
The Saving Blood Of The Lamb V2.mp327.204.04.14 16:18:54Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1The Saving Blood of the Lamb0:28:21128S44
God Sends A Person.mp342.304.05.05 15:25:26Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01God Sends a Person0:44:06128S44
Abrahams Choice.mp338.504.03.18 20:32:24Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Abraham's Choice0:40:09128S44
Teach Your Children Well.mp339.304.05.14 18:54:30Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01Teach Your Children Well0:40:59128S44
United We Fall.mp318.804.01.22 16:07:10Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01United We Fall0:19:39128S44
An Encounter With God.mp333.104.05.03 15:49:24Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01An Encounter with God0:34:34128S44
Dont Miss The Boat.mp330.404.01.14 16:36:40Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Don't Miss the Boat0:31:41128S44
Our Shared Heritage.mp331.404.01.14 15:05:26Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01Our Shared Heritage: The Old Tes0:32:45128S44
Words To Live By.mp373.504.05.12 15:14:52Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Words to Live By1:16:37128S44
The Paradoxical Presence Of God.mp329.204.05.13 20:54:56Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01The Paradoxical Presence of God0:30:25128S44
Cross My Heart, Hope To Die.mp335.504.02.13 18:48:34Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Cross My Heart, Hope to Die0:37:04128S44
Clashing Gods, Crashing Idols.mp328.004.04.14 21:31:56Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Clashing Gods, Crashing Idols0:29:13128S44
Living With Weird People - Track 1.m28.803.09.19 16:55:58Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Living With Weird People0:30:00128S44
Call The Sabbath A Delight.mp328.303.08.13 18:21:46Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Call the Sabbath a Delight0:29:33128S44
A Heart For Worship.mp337.203.08.20 20:40:14Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1A Heart for Worship0:38:45128S44
Uncircling The Wagons-Authenticity.m36.503.09.25 15:54:20Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Uncircling the Wagons: Authentic0:38:03128S44
Stepping Off The Pedestal.mp333.404.07.12 20:29:37Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01Stepping Off the Pedestal0:34:50128S44
Relationships, Messy But Worth It.mp29.903.09.10 17:43:18Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Relationships: Messy But Worth I0:31:12128S44
Healing My Own Heart - Forgiveness.m38.403.11.01 22:02:10Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1Healing My Own Heart_Forgiveness0:40:02128S44
God At Work, Part 1.mp316.603.08.13 17:51:54Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 1God at Work0:17:21128S44
God At Work Part 2.mp316.503.08.12 21:10:22Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 2God at Work0:17:16128S44
The Encouragement Of Friends.mp326.204.08.03 13:58:40Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01The Encouragement of Friends0:27:21128S44
Conquering The Real Problems In Our30.704.07.27 14:54:14Rev. Garnett SlattonTrack 01Conquering the Real Problems in0:32:01128S44

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