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Run On.mp3 2.502.12.12 21:32:22Marching IlliniRun On - Revised #3no title0:02:36128S44
Demmer_ad.mp3 0.901.07.18 revised20000:01:00128S44
16290.mp3 3.502.07.29 23:37:43Andrew RoszTrack 9 - Revised2002Take One
1980-revised.mp3 2.302.01.06 02:02:23Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #319801980 Halftime Highlightshttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:25128S44
1986-revised.mp3 03:25:41Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31986The Marching Illinihttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:19128S44
MixdownGrottoCarry Home Revised Fina 1.703.09.01 14:58:57
200 Feet Northeast Revised.MP3 04:42:510:03:16128S44
DK10303long.mp313.303.11.11 14:44:01Interstellar TransmissionsDavid Kemper Interview (revise2003Meet The InterTransfor more info: david@interstella
1981-revised.mp3 02:22:34Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #319811981 Halftime Highlightshttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:06128S44
Bear Island Revised.mp3 6.603.04.02 14:16:380:06:56128S44
1990-revised.mp3 2.302.01.06 00:11:02Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31990Difficult to Describehttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:26128S44
Milsap.mp3 14:48:55RONNIE MILSAP PROMO (revised)0:01:01160S44
Deep Impact.mp3 00:35:46Power Imaging Revised DemoDeep ImpactTrack130:02:17 64S22
1978-revised.mp3 01:27:18Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #319781978 Halftime Highlightshttp://www.bands.uiu0:01:18128S44
071103 Revised PreRace.mp3 1.303.07.15 02:44:040:01:54 96M44
Bear Island Revised.mp3 6.603.04.02 14:16:380:06:56128S44
Delangquendoi.mp3 0.602.11.14 18:21:23artistde lang quen doi revisedtitle0:04:52 18M11
1988-revised.mp3 2.302.01.06 03:39:46Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31988The Marching Illini Pass in Revihttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:25128S44
Revised_Fooled_Yourself.mp3 4.603.01.06 15:40:160:03:11192S44
Impacto Latino.mp3 1.902.03.12 00:01:18Power Imaging Revised DemoImpacto LatinoTrack130:04:02 64S22
Traffic Revised.mp3 18:35:130:01:02160S44
1997-revised.mp3 17:14:42Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31997Big White Spatshttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:21128S44
1982-revised.mp3 02:49:51Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31982The Marching Illini (1982)http://www.bands.uiu0:02:06128S44
Andrew_Rosz_-_Bees_At_Work__NEW.mp3 3.502.07.29 23:37:43Andrew RoszTrack 9 - Revised2002Take One
WHAT I WANT Revised-02.mp3 3.902.05.31 23:15:080:04:04128S44
Real Goombattas - Nick Nice Promo 07 6.303.10.10 02:40:53Nick Nice 04 Revised SF1James Faiella
Revised-entrance3-1972.mp3 02:54:38Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31972N/Ahttp://www.bands.uiu0:01:18128S44
1996-hailtotheorange-cadences-revise 16:33:46Marching IlliniHail to the Orange, Cadences,1996Live! at the Assembly Hallhttp://www.bands.uiu0:06:32128S44
1982-stadiumentrance-revised.mp3 02:41:51Marching IlliniStadium Entrance - Revised Ent1982Stadium Vibrationshttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:20128S44
1994-revised.mp3 04:02:00Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31994Hitting Hardhttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:20128S44
Troll_Song_revised.mp3 18:16:11UnknownTroll_Song_revised2002UnknownTHOMSON mp3PRO Encod0:02:20 64S22
David_M._James_-_Lifes_Story_Revised 4.802.09.17 03:41:43le DroidLife's Story20020:05:02128S44
1979-revised.mp3 01:47:12Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #319791979 Halftime Highlightshttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:11128S44
Coh_hope.mp3 0.903.09.04 21:16:50City of HopeHope, Revised2003COHR-0009for Client Approval0:01:02128S44
Pride-Houston(Revised).mp3 0.902.11.07 03:54:190:00:59128S44
Houston $1000 Savings.mp3 1.402.02.01 23:25:13Mann-Berkeley-Caplan Laser Cen"Savings Continue - revised" :2001CRM GroupSpweed of Sound 7130:01:10160S44
Too Blue To Be New - Version 2.mp3 06:03:40Jeff ReederToo Blue to be New - Version 22003GlimpseRevised edition
Larry Madison - Your New Dreams (rev 3.601.04.14 01:35:44Larry MadisonYour New Dreams (revised)Handwritten0:03:45128S44
Green Party Anthem Mix L1 Revised 07 05:20:420:02:26 64S22
1977-revised.mp3 00:53:36Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #319771977 Halftime Highlightshttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:11128S44
11 Play Dance Revised.mp3 2.901.05.18 00:54:290:03:06128S44
David_M._James_-_Take_You_Home_Revis 4.502.09.08 02:52:05New Artist (102)Track 11New Title (102)0:04:46128S44
049-01-zammuto+diablatomica-full_mar 5.501.05.25 07:09:270:05:48128S44
Bible Fragrences Revised.mp3 1.903.12.20 02:29:452003
16290.mp3 3.502.07.29 23:37:43Andrew RoszTrack 9 - Revised2002Take One
Lounge_Tag_Revised.mp3 0.502.03.18 20:13:040:00:22192S44
1983-revised.mp3 03:13:07Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31983Celebrate! with the Marching Illhttp://www.bands.uiu0:02:23128S44
Fox News Revised TFN.mp3 1.403.11.10 22:07:100:00:59192S44
Fox Wed Revised 1118.mp3 1.403.11.18 22:06:560:01:00192S44
Fox Wed Ton Revised 1119.mp3 1.403.11.18 22:07:000:01:00192S44
Revised3.mp3 1.896.09.30 16:31:00Marching IlliniRevised Entrance #31994Hitting HardArr. Jim Curnow0:02:15112S44
Metal_Revised__Pierre_s_Kletzmer_Ver 2.302.07.06 20:46:40Pierre SavoieMetal (Kletzmer)2002Gary Numan, Jewish s0:02:27128S44
Matty Original - Going Away (Revised 23:53:120:03:21128S44
Matty Original - Concert For Myself 01:01:280:03:11128S44
Ac Plus 2.mp3 23:02:50Power Imaging Revised Demoac plus 2Track130:02:08 64S22
LAP-013004Rev.mp3 1.804.01.09 21:24:29Honda Revised
LAP-011504Rev.mp3 1.904.01.09 20:56:19Mazda Revised Revision0:04:34 56M22
6242.12571.mp3 07:35:51Bonny RobertsLonging for Avalon (Revised)
Revised Music For Guitar & Low Budge 7.301.10.03 14:45:35Zappa, FrankRevised Music for Guitar & Low0:07:36128S44
Matty Original - Going Away (Revised 23:53:120:03:21128S44
Fnycu_com_solutions_revised.mp3 1.904.02.03 01:56:18
Spekkosaurus-krakenphonic-eb-battle- 05:57:59Spekkosaurus(EarthBound) Krakenphonic - EB2003http://www.spekko.comA revised remix of my previous E
1__Longing_for_Avalon.mp3 07:35:51Bonny RobertsLonging for Avalon (Revised)
Attitude 3.mp3 2.502.03.12 00:14:39Power Imaging Revised DemoAttitude 3Track130:05:14 64S22
Ixl - Goldenbrown(revised).mp3 22:17:12
Sym7-Revised.mp319.904.01.06 11:53:44
Machine_44_-_Momentary_Silence_revis 3.403.04.25 04:35:31An Open letterMomentary SilenceN/A0:03:34128S44
LMan And Larsec - Ghosts N Goblins ( 8.8The LMen (LMan & Larsec)Ghosts 'n Goblins2003Original by Mark CookseyIndustrial Meets Classic Mix Rev0:18:26 64M44
Ai-shoushi(revised).mp3 3.302.08.12 00:01:440:03:31128S44
Houston Texans Fight Song Revised 8- 0.703.08.06 23:54:1620030:00:43128S44
Machine_44_-_Momentary_Silence_revis 3.403.04.25 04:35:31An Open letterMomentary SilenceN/A0:03:34128S44
Pevia_30_revised_2.mp3 0.903.09.26 02:27:140:01:21 96M44
Machine_44_-_Momentary_Silence_revis 3.403.04.25 04:35:31An Open letterMomentary SilenceN/A0:03:34128S44
BJ Showdown Revised.mp3 2.303.10.13 16:36:20GRC-Blackjack Showdown Revised2003
1529B-LIVERITE-Revised.mp3 0.904.02.19 14:53:04REVISEDLIVERITE:6012/31/040:00:58128S44
Glass_Commercial.mp3 2.403.10.20 21:14:49Ron Glass Revised Commercial0:02:31128M44
07 - Elleanor(revised).mp3
BigFiveTours_REVISED.mp3 0.503.06.22 04:18:460:00:22192M44
Hurst Wrap Revised.mp3 20:20:310:01:19128M44
BigFiveTours_REVISED.mp3 0.503.06.22 04:18:46
Revised OMH-Mother and Daugther.mp3 1.304.01.20 17:28:34
Dentist_place-children__adults-revis 1.404.01.20 16:04:57
2004_revised_March_3_byrd_calls_for_ 21:32:260:02:31160M44
071103 Revised PreRace.mp3 1.303.07.15 02:44:040:01:54 96M44
Andrew_Rosz_-_Bees_At_Work__NEW.mp3 3.502.07.29 23:37:43Andrew RoszTrack 9 - Revised2002Take One
Henricks Corp-No Guts Revised.mp3 20:58:59HENRICK'S CORP"No Guts - No Gain Revised"0:01:04160S44
Metal_Revised__Pierre_s_Kletzmer_Ver 2.302.07.06 20:46:40Pierre SavoieMetal (Kletzmer)2002Gary Numan, Jewish s0:02:27128S44
Andrew_Rosz_-_Bees_At_Work__NEW.mp3 3.502.07.29 23:37:43Andrew RoszTrack 9 - Revised2002Take One
Down_in_St._Elmo_s_Park_Revised.mp3 04:55:24Pierre SavoieDown in St. Elmo's Park 22002a Gary Numan Parody0:02:21128S44
Newyork.mp3 3.603.05.13 00:49:06Andrew RayNew York2001NY Revised
Get In And Go Jan Offers Rev.mp3 2.404.01.14 01:36:56Westbrook AdvertisingGet In And Go Jan Offers RevisMade with Sonic Foundry ACID 4
Deep In The Water.mp3 16:09:50KegieDeep in the Water (revised)2002Malediction0:04:12128S44
Farrington_Commercial.mp3 1.503.12.09 00:35:18Amy Farrington revised comm0:01:38128S44
Taa Sales.mp3 0.502.03.12 00:55:22Power Imaging Revised DemoAudioTrack 13Track130:00:32128S44
Bombay Revised 1-29-04.mp3 0.904.01.30 19:21:180:01:00128S44
Atlantic Trim Boat Revised Mix.mp3 0.904.03.08 21:48:490:01:01128S44
HEROES(dunn)REVISED.mp3 23:35:470:04:24128S44
People_for_foster_6-16-03_a_revised. 16:53:020:01:03128M44
Earthbound_Bus!_OC_ReMix.mp3 14:05:10ShadowEarthbound Bus! OC ReMixhttp://www.ocremix.orgRevised, less high freqs :D
Real Goombattas - Nick Nice Promo 07 6.304.03.18 09:37:05Nick Nice 04 Revised SF1James Faiella0:26:38 32S22

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