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Davidson, Richard (P).mp3 0.903.09.20 20:59:53Davidson2c Richard ( P )Davidson2c Richard ( P )20000:00:56128M44
Programa124.mp312.603.02.21 09:33:23Richard P. FeynmanThe Relation of Physics to OthSix Easy Pieces - Lecture 3
Jay Hansen Project - Honey.mp3 5.303.02.12 17:04:25Honey2002Richard P. Rizzuto
2000-11-10-A-Gabriel.mp322.904.01.29 20:55:56Richard P. GabrielA - Mob Software: The Erotic L2000UIUC Software Architecture GroupPretty slow0:47:45 64S22
2000-11-10-B-Gabriel.mp320.604.01.29 20:55:56Richard P. GabrielB - Mob Software: The Erotic L2000UIUC Software Architecture GroupPretty slow0:43:01 64S22
V1 Ch52 Symmetry In Physical Laws.mp17.802.07.07 20:31:26Richard P FeynmanSymmetry in Physical Laws1962Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol 1 Chap 52 1962-06-010:18:35128M44
V1 Ch26 Principle Of Least Time.mp322.902.07.04 21:24:28Richard P. FeynmanPrinciple of Least Time1962Feynman on LightV1 Ch26 08.1 1962 00:23:54128M44
V1 Ch27 Geometric Optics.mp324.702.07.05 14:44:00Richard P. FeynmanGeometric Optics1962Feynman on LightV1 Ch27 08.2 1962-02-130:25:47128M44
V3 Ch16 The DependenceOfAmplitudesOn23.702.07.14 14:31:32Richard P FeynmanThe Dependence of Amplitudes o19640:24:46128M44
V1 Ch31 The Origin Of The Refractive25.002.07.04 22:19:08Richard P. FeynmanThe Origin of the Refractive I1962Feynman on LightV1 Ch31 08.6 1962-02-270:26:04128M44
V1 Ch08 Motion.mp324.502.07.22 09:04:38Richard P. FeynmanMotion1961Energy and MotionV1 Ch08 05.2 1961-10:25:31128M44
V1 Ch18 Rotation In Two Dimensions.m24.902.07.04 21:16:00Richard P. FeynmanRotation In Two Dimensions1962Classical Physics1962-01-05 Vol 1 Ch0:25:56128M44
V1 Ch25 Linear Systems And Review.mp30.102.07.04 20:06:16Richard P. FeynmanLinear Systems And Review1962Feynman on MechanicsV1 Ch25 07.5 1962-00:31:23128M44
V3 Ch19 Hydrogen Atom And The Period16.802.07.13 19:51:04Richard P FeynmanHydrogen Atom and the Periodic1964Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol 3 Ch 19 1964-00:17:30128M44
V1 Ch14 Work And Potential Energy 2.23.902.07.05 13:18:36Richard P. FeynmanWork And Potential Energy 21961Energy and MotionV1 Ch14 05.6 1961-11-140:24:54128M44
V3 Ch04 Identical Particles.mp318.302.07.14 14:43:58Richard P FeynmanIdentical Particles1963Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol 3 Ch 4 1963-04-150:19:09128M44
V1 Ch09 Newton's Laws Of Dynamics.mp25.002.07.22 09:04:42Richard P. FeynmanNewton's Laws Of Dynamics1961Energy and MotionV1 Ch09 05.3 1961-10:26:07128M44
V1 Ch16 Relativistic Energy And Mome25.902.07.04 21:16:28Richard P. FeynmanRelativistic Energy And Moment1961Six Not-So-Easy Pieces1961-10-17 Vol 1 Ch 160:27:01128M44
V1 Ch29 Interference.mp327.303.08.06 16:07:28Richard P. FeynmanInterference1962Feynman on LightV1 Ch29 08.4 1962-02-200:28:26128M44
V1 Ch12 Characteristics Of Force.mp327.402.07.05 13:17:58Richard P. FeynmanCharacteristics Of Force1961Classical PhysicsV1 Ch12 09.3 1961-10:28:36128M44
V3 Ch14 Semiconductors.mp321.102.07.14 14:16:30Richard P FeynmanSemiconductors19632Electrical and magnetic BehaviorV3 Ch13 04.2 1963-05-110:58:42 48M32
V3 Ch17 Symmetry And Conservation La18.002.07.13 19:50:58Richard P FeynmanSymmetry and Conservation Laws1963Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol3 Ch 17 1964-05-210:18:45128M44
V1 Ch24 Transients.mp319.602.07.04 21:09:10Richard P. FeynmanTransients1962Feynman on MechanicsV1 Ch24 07.4 1962-02-020:20:27128M44
V3 Ch15 The IndependentParticleAppro19.202.07.14 14:16:44Richard P FeynmanThe Independent Particle Appro1963Electrical and Magnetic BehaviorV3 Ch15 04.3 1963-05-140:53:34 48M32
(audiobook) Physics - Richard Feynma18.303.05.28 16:15:12Richard P FeynmanIdentical Particles1963Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol 3 Ch 4 1963-04-150:19:09128M44
V1 Ch21 The Harmonic Oscillator.mp321.402.07.04 19:54:22Richard P. FeynmanThe Harmonic Oscillator1962Feynman on MechanicsV1 Ch21 07.3 1962-01-190:22:21128M44
V3 Ch13 Propagation In A Crystal Lat20.002.07.22 08:59:50Richard P FeynmanPropagation In A Crystal Latti1964Electrical and magnetic BehaviorV3 Ch13 04.1 1964-05-07 Trumpet0:55:41 48M32
V1 Ch10 Conservation Of Momentum.mp324.502.07.22 09:04:32Richard P. FeynmanConservation Of Momentum1961Energy and MotionV1 Ch10 05.4 1961-10:25:33128M44
V1 Ch41 Brownian Movement.mp323.602.07.07 10:54:00Richard P FeynmanBrownian Movement19620:24:36128M44
V1 Ch05 Time And Distance.mp324.202.07.22 09:04:46Richard P. FeynmanTime And Distance1961Classical Physics1961-10-10 Vol 1 Ch0:25:13128M44
V1 Ch20 Rotation In Space.mp325.602.07.04 19:54:06Richard P. FeynmanRotation In Space1962Feynman on MechanicsV1 Ch20 07.2 1962-01-120:26:46128M44
V1 Ch11 Vectors.mp324.302.07.05 13:17:06Richard P. FeynmanVectors1961Classical PhysicsV1 Ch11 09.1 1961-11-030:25:21128M44
V3 Ch21 A Seminar On Superconductivi17.402.07.13 19:51:20Richard P FeynmanA Seminar on Superconductivity1964Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol 3 Ch 21 1964-06-040:18:09128M44
V1 Ch30 Diffraction.mp325.402.07.05 15:48:54Richard P. FeynmanDiffraction1962Feynman on LightV1 Ch30 08.5 1962-02-230:26:30128M44
V3 Ch20 Operators.mp324.702.07.13 19:51:14Richard P FeynmanOperators19640:25:44128M44
V3 Ch08 The Hamiltonian Matrix.mp325.902.07.22 09:00:10Richard P FeynmanThe Hamiltonian Matrix19630:27:01128M44
V1 Ch22 Algebra.mp325.702.07.04 19:54:28Richard P. FeynmanAlgebra1962Classical Physics1962-01-23 Vol 1 Ch0:26:51128M44
V1 Ch28 Electromagnetic Radiation.mp22.703.08.06 16:11:38Richard P. FeynmanElectromagnetic Radiation1962Feynman on LightV1 Ch28 08.30:23:39128M44
V1 Ch39 The Kinetic Theory Of Gases. 10:53:48Richard P FeynmanThe Kinetic Theory of Gases19620:26:18128M44
V1 Ch44 The Laws Of Thermodynamics.m26.002.07.24 16:57:04Richard P. FeynmanThe Laws of Thermodynamics1962Feynman on Kinetics and HeatV1 Ch44 06.5 1962-05-040:27:07128M44
V1 Ch45 Illustrations Of Thermodynam26.502.07.07 12:01:50Richard P. FeynmanIllustrations Of Thermodynamic1962engV1 Ch45 06.6 1962-05-080:27:37128M44
V1 Ch19 Center Of Mass Moment Of Ine24.402.07.04 19:54:00Richard P. FeynmanCenter Of Mass Moment Of Inert1962Feynman on MechanicsV1 Ch19 07.1 1962-01-090:25:28128M44
V3 Ch07 Amplitude Dependence On Time22.302.07.22 09:00:06Richard P FeynmanAmplitude Dependence on Time19630:23:16128M44
V1 Ch42 Applications Of Kinetic Theo24.202.07.07 10:54:06Richard P FeynmanApplications of Kinetic Theory19620:25:16128M44
V1 Ch40 Statistical Mechanics.mp322.002.07.07 10:53:54Richard P. FeynmanStatistical Mechanics1962Feynman on MechanicsV1 Ch40 07.60:22:55128M44
V1 Ch13 Work And Potential Energy 1.25.602.07.05 13:18:28Richard P. FeynmanWork And Potential Energy 11961Energy and MotionV1 Ch13 05.5 1961-11-100:26:45128M44
V1 Ch43 Diffusion.mp327.202.07.07 10:54:14Richard P. FeynmanDiffusion1962Feynman on Kinetics and HeatV1 Ch43 06.4 1962-05-010:28:23128M44
V3 Ch12 Hyperfine Splitting In Hydro17.102.07.14 13:52:46Richard P FeynmanHyperfine Splitting in Hydroge1963Advanced Quantum MechanicsVol 3 Ch 12 1963-05-160:17:51128M44
V2 Ch39 Elastic Materials.mp325.502.07.09 13:35:44Richard P FeynmanElastic Materials1963Crystals to Magnetism1963-04-01 Vol 2 Ch 390:26:37128M44
V2 Ch30 The Internal Geometry Of Cry26.102.07.08 11:34:36Richard P FeynmanThe Internal Geometry of Cryst1963Crystals to Magnetism1963-02-10 Vol 2 Ch 300:27:11128M44
V2 Ch11 Inside Dielectrics.mp326.002.07.07 12:02:06Richard P FeynmanInside Dielectrics1962Crystals to MagnetismVol 2 Chapter 110:27:08128M44
V2 Ch32 Refractive Index Of Dense Ma26.002.07.08 17:55:16Richard P FeynmanRefractive Index of Dense Mate1963Crystals to Magnetism1963-02-18 Vol 2 Ch0:27:06128M44
V2 Ch35 Paramagnetism And Magnetic R19.502.07.08 18:57:10Richard P FeynmanParamagnetism And Magnetic Res1963Electrical and Magnetic BehaviorV2 Ch35 04.5 1963-02-280:54:22 48M32
V2 Ch42 - 12 Curved Space.mp337.002.07.09 13:44:38Richard P. FeynmanCurved Space1963Six Not-So-Easy Pieces1963-04-12 V2 Ch420:30:50160M44
V2 Ch34 The Magnetism Of Matter.mp325.102.07.08 18:57:06Richard P FeynmanThe Magnetism of Matter1963Crystals to MagnetismVol 2 Chpater 34 1960:26:10128M44
V2 Ch10 Dielectric.mp324.702.07.07 11:35:36Richard P FeynmanDielectrics1962Crystals to Magnetism1962-11-01 Volume 2 Chapter 1-0:25:45128M44

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