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FileSizeDate/timeArtistTitleYearAlbumCommentLengthBi..C..S.. 16:15:10general magicBerlin off-ICMC 2000 pt 22000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Kaffe.matthews.20000831-2a.officmc.p31.502.08.13 15:32:24kaffe matthewsBerlin off-ICMC 2000 pt 22000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Kaffe.matthews.20000831-3.officmc.po19.502.08.13 15:32:31kaffe matthewsBerlin off-ICMC 2000 pt 32000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Duesseldorf_8.5.96.mp352.602.08.14 19:33:53farmersmanualDuesseldorf 8.5.961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:43:52160S44,netmage-03.37.802.08.12 14:08:07farmersmanualfm netmage #32001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:45:00112S44 4.902.08.13 16:15:22institut fuer feinmotorikStralsund garage g: soundcheck2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:04:09160S44
20010304.f1-race_low.mp339.402.08.13 16:15:10eMelbourne F1 Grand Prix start2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
20010824_01_stuff_r.mp3 3.402.08.13 16:15:23anyStralsund garage g: setup2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:02:54160S44
Transmissions_fmgm_fg6dub02.mp380.202.08.13 16:15:45farmersmanual, general magicCyberspace transmission.oo4 st2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f,netmage-02.14.702.08.12 14:08:07farmersmanualfm netmage #22001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:17:36112S44
Discom.112.mp339.102.03.05 19:29:00discomdiscom at cgp2000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:46:36112S44
20010302.f1-atmoalbertlake.mp3 1.402.08.13 16:15:10eMelbourne F1 Grand Prix atmo a2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Cologne_9.5.96_pt1.mp379.202.08.14 19:33:55farmersmanualCologne 9.5.96 pt11996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f1:06:00160S44
Transmissions_fmgm_fg6dub01.mp376.502.08.13 16:15:45farmersmanual, general magicCyberspace transmission.oo4 st2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f 15:33:31kein babelBerlin off-ICMC 20002000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f 16:15:10general magicBerlin off-ICMC 2000 pt 12000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Kaffe.matthews.20000831-1.officmc.po 3.602.08.13 15:32:20kaffe matthewsBerlin off-ICMC 2000 pt 12000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
20010824_04_feinmotorik_r.mp366.002.08.13 16:15:22institut fuer feinmotorikStralsund garage g: live2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f,netmage-01.46.302.08.12 14:08:06farmersmanualfm netmage #12001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:55:08112S44
Bauer,potuznik_riesenrad_vienna.mp393.702.08.13 15:29:30bauer, potuznikVienna Riesenrad 1000Umin1997recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Fm.112.mp387.702.03.05 19:28:38farmersmanualfm at centre georges pompidou2000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f1:44:25112S44
20010824_03_fnn.sndchck_r.mp312.702.08.13 16:15:12farmersmanualStralsund garage g: soundcheck2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:10:36160S44 16:15:09pansonicBerlin Maria am Ostbahnhof2001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:43:24128S44
Ulm_Sauschdall_4.5.96.mp331.602.08.14 19:33:49farmersmanualUlm Sauschdall 4.5.961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:26:21160S44
Cologne_9.5.96_pt2.mp333.602.08.14 19:33:57farmersmanualCologne 9.5.96 pt21996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:28:01160S44
Munich_Ultraschall_3.5.96.mp340.202.08.14 19:33:48farmersmanualMunich Ultraschall 3.5.961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:33:32160S44
20011103_ntrd+vger.nativelab,wmf.mp330.702.08.13 16:15:45ntrd, vgerBerlin NativeLabset #12001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:25:35160S44
Vienna_live_at_flex_1.4.96_part_1.re48.204.01.29 17:36:05farmersmanualVienna flex 19961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:40:13160S44
20011103_kent_take2.mp357.402.08.13 16:15:31kentBerlin NativeLab set #22001recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:47:53160S44
Vienna_live_at_flex_1.4.96_part_2.re30.904.01.29 17:38:26farmersmanualVienna flex 19961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:25:48160S44
STOCKHOL.MP3 6.602.08.12 14:19:12farmersmanualStockholm fylkingen edit1998recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:06:54128S44 6.804.01.29 17:38:56farmersmanualVienna flex 19961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:05:42160S44
Frankfurt_7.5.96.reenc.mp347.804.01.29 17:54:00farmersmanualFrankfurt 07.05.19971997recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:39:53160S44
Vienna_Riesenrad_1000Umin_1997.reenc31.304.01.29 18:06:48farmersmanualVienna, Riesenrad, 07.19971997recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:26:09160S44
Mannheim_HD800_6.5.96.reenc.mp369.304.01.29 18:01:52farmersmanualMannheim, HD800, 07.05.19971997recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:57:46160S44
Vienna_live_at_flex_3.4.96_part_1.re75.104.01.29 17:48:52farmersmanualVienna flex cafe 19961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f1:02:39160S44
Vienna_live_at_flex_1.4.96_part_2.re18.304.01.29 17:42:33farmersmanualVienna flex cafe 19961996recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:15:18160S44
BruxAudLive2.mp355.602.08.13 16:11:47farmersmanualBruxelles (audio)incident 20002000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:57:55128S44
Rhiz04062K01popb4.mp3 8.602.08.13 15:34:51pure,hhzz,pxpVienna rhiz pt 1 popb42000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:48:00 24M22
Rhiz-live-Sun-original.mp364.802.08.13 15:34:54pure,hhzz,pxpVienna rhiz onefile1998recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f6:00:06 24M22
Tokyo_NTTICC_1401999.mp351.702.08.14 19:34:36farmersmanualTokyo NTT/ICC 14019991999recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Hull_Time_Based_Arts_1998_Ice_Arena.48.304.01.30 11:29:45farmersmanualHull, Time Based Arts, 19981998recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f0:40:17160S44
Rhiz04062K04jetztaber.mp367.002.08.13 11:16:26pure,hhzz,pxpVienna rhiz pt 4 it2000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Vienna_phonotaktik_1995.reenc.mp377.504.01.29 17:28:22farmersmanualVienna phonotaktik 19951995recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f1:04:37160S44
Rhiz04062K02sndchck.mp347.502.08.13 15:34:48pure,hhzz,pxpVienna rhiz pt 2 sndchck2000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f
Rhiz04062K03inter.mp314.402.08.13 11:16:26pure,hhzz,pxpVienna rhiz pt 3 interlude2000recent live archive(l) http://rla.web.f

In A Little 
In A Little While 
In All 
In Am 
In A Manger 
In Amber 
Iname C 
In A Mellow 
In A Mellow Tone 
In America 
In A Million 
In A Million Years 
In A Minor 
In A Minute 
In A Mirror 
In A Moment 
In A Moment Productions Llc 
In A Morning Sunrise 
In Amsterdam 
In An 
In Anace 
In Anace Davon 
In Anal Extacy 
In A Name 
In And 
In And Out 
In And Out Of Love 
In Anger 
I M In The 
I M In The Mood 
I M In The Mood For 
Im In The Mood For Love 
I M In The Mood For Love 
I M Into Something Good 
Imi Plac Ochii Tai 
I Miss 
I Miss U 
Live From The 
Live From The Gym 
Live From The Inside 
Live From The Mansion 
Live From The Mi 
Live From The Mi State 
Live From The Mi State Fair 
Live From The Mi State Fair 20 
Live From The Woods 
Live From Vespers 
Live Fukuoka 
Live Fukuoka Japan 
Live Fukuoka Japan 10 
Live Fukuoka Japan 10 10 
Live Fukuoka Japan 10 10 2002 
Live Gloria 
Live Grand 
Live Grand Rex 
Live Grand Rex Paris 
Live Grand Rex Paris 18 
Live Grand Rex Paris 18 08 
Live Guitar Solo 
Live Halmstad 
Live Halmstad 2003 
Live Harpo 
Live Harpo S 
Live Harpo S 08 
Live Harpo S 08 02 
Live Harpo S 08 02 85 
Live Here 
Live Home 
Live Human 
Live I 
Live I Alone 
Live Icra 
Live I Love 
Live Im 
Live Im Fbz 
Live Im Kulturspeicher 
Live In 
Live In 98 
Live In A 
Live In America 
Live In Amsterdam 
Live In Ann 
Live In Ann Arbor 
Live In Atlanta 
Live In Atlanta 11 22 97 
Live In Atlanta 4 27 01 
Live In Austin 
Live In Australia 
Live In Baghdad 
Live In Belgium